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"Giving HOPE, Restoring Hearts, Encouraging Minds, and Giving Life"
Program Services

Life Skills, Life Planning and Financial Literacy/Stewardship and Strategies 

8-21 year olds, drawing up their plans to prosper, gaining hope for their future, identifying personal value and potential, and building healthy relationships with themselves, their parents, peers and community members. See BrochureTestimonies and Letters of Recommendation.

“Guarantee Yours and Your Child’s Success” 

Equipping parents and guardians with the skills and strategies to connect and inspire their youth to be successful accomplish their life goals.

•   Family-focused intervention programs for elementary, middle-school and high school youth; preparing them to succeed in and complete their high school education, leads to decreased drop-out rates and lower rates of alcohol and illegal drug use.
•   Youth discover their intrinsic value, acceptance, and significance, and the skills useful and needful for success in the classroom, organization from the bedroom to the backpack, and social interaction skills and peer-pressure prevention through which they are more likely to value school and believe it is important for their future.
•   The program engages students, families, and homeroom teacher which helps ensure academic success. 
•   Youth identify their passions and gifts, to plan for their future so they are prepared for high school and young adulthood.
•   Our programs have something to offer for all youth/students.
•   Parents and Caretakers who are challenged in providing their youth/adolescents daily nurturing, guidance, and instruction unto responsible, there is help available to you. 

Youth Employment and Mentoring 
Connecting youth 15+ years of age with potential employers (Coming Soon)...

-Graduates Prepared for Deployment (career assignments/ strategic positioning)
-Deployment Agency for High School and College Graduates 

Jr. Entrepreneurial & Mentoring Program
Building and establishing a new series of young generational business men and women in the marketplace to excel in their new careers through a process of preparation.

Entrepreneurial Training & Assistance 
Graduates 18+ learn how to start and manage their own successful businesses; tapping into their natural resources and gifts.

​"Strategies for Living Financially Free" (ADULTS)

Our adult program, educates how to break the power and the cycle of generational debt, financial and relational issues plaguing families today.  Get registered:
​Transformational Leadership Development 
Imparting and cultivating a true spirit of Leadership among youth and adults, by tapping into and identifying their created purpose and vision​, and providing the keys to Transformational Leadership.

For more information or to communicate your interest in joining our team of loving, caring, and supportive Ambassadors of Hope, please contact us. We take care to provide our community high quality program services. To register, please contact us concerning our next scheduled session. All session are off-site with partnering organizations until our West Valley facilities are completed; A Beacon of Hope Community Center.

If you would like to become a partnering organization, please contact us.

Community Outreach Program:

​Raising Awareness and Taking Action (RATA)
Providing referral assistance to families in need combined with our Strategies for Living Financially Free Course; teaching them to how to fish and steward their resources for successful living.

To get RATA help call (877) 726-7608, Ext. 2, or to learn more and donate click the link: 
RATA to sponsor a family/individual.

Serving community families by developing and strengthening community youth and families through life skills education, leadership development, economic development and sustainability training and mentoring, benefiting the wholeness of community members. 

We changed our Organizations Name in 2018 to "A Beacon of HOPE"

Our Community Center's NEW facilities coming in the near future...

“Correct alignment with truth principles guarantees success in life.” Dr. Myles Monroe