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"Giving HOPE, Restoring Hearts, Encouraging Minds, and Giving Life"
Teacher's Quarterly Report and Testimony:
"Damian has shown tremendous growth this year in his subject areas. He is self-disciplined in the enhancement of his skills, committing to staying after school every night to improve his reading." B. Minor 

Questions Asked of 8-13 year olds:
Before entering Trinity's Life Skills Program, how were you feeling? What did Trinity's Life Skills program do for you or give to you so that you can realize your life goals and live successfully? What do you see yourself doing differently than if you never went through the program? How do you feel now? Can you see your way through?

Shyanne W., Waddell, AZ,  Age: 8 
Before: "Scared. I did not want to go to my class. I was going through problems. Hiperness. I did not understand stuff." 
After Enrolling:  "They (Trinity) helped me be organized. They helped me be respectful. I can see my way through life. I think this program was really good for me and my sisters"

Sarah W., Waddell, AZ,  Age: 9
Before: “I was different, not as responsible or independent..."
After Enrolling:  "I feel smarter, more skilled, and more independent. I can see my way through. I recommend this to they can learn skills at a young age. It is fun, skillfull..."

Alan M., Toleson, AZ, Age: 12
Before: "Negative. Life tired (most of the time), and I feel no desires in life (most of the time)."
After Enrolling: "Taught me to be more positive in what I do each day. I see myself positive in things I do."

David R., Litchfield Park, AZ, Age: 12
Before: "At first I thought this class was just a waste of my time and I was pretty angry about being signed up for it."
After Enrolling: "The class helped me realize what I was going to face in the future and it gave me a better attitude. I see myself more successful and not being affected by other bad influences. Ending the program, I feel glad that I joined TLRC and I would recommend this program to anyone."

C. Clark, Buckeye, AZ, Age: 9
Before: "I was feeling sad sometimes. Sometimes I felt like I couldn't protect myself from bad people and things. It was just like I didn't know anything."
After Enrolling: "It gave me ability. I am now able to tell people, "Hey, I can do that!" If I never went through the program, I'd probably feel almost unable to do a lot of things. I now feel more mature and intelligent. I would recommend Trinity. Trinity is a good program because you learn a lot and it's something you can look forward to each week."

Marshall H, Goodyear, AZ, Age: 9 
"My desire was to do better in school. It gave me more faith in God. I would strongly recommend it to a few people. I know and I have more faith in God."

Damian L., Goodyear, AZ, Age: 13
"I was scared. I got successful in what I was doing. I experience not to be scared and I learned more about God. I feel much better and I am not scared and I am successful because I have confidence."

Antoinette S., Buckeye, AZ, Age: 13 
"I am very thankful to have this opportunity to be in this class. The three most important things that I learned are how to manage money, use better manners, and how to organize. This class has given me confidence that I'll be more successful in life. I just want to thank you for this opportunity to be in this program."

Melissa M., Buckeye, AZ, Age: 13 
"Before I started coming to Trinity Life Skills Program. I felt that I wasn't really that focused on my goals and I wan't doing well in school as I knew I could only because I wasn't putting my best foot forward and the way I did things wasn't the best. TLRC helped me to be more responsible in everything I do. I've also learned to respect people more for the choices they make, but to also guide them to make good choices that will help them succeed. I see myself being more organized and responsible. My faith and relationship with God has grown. I've also helped people with their faith. I can definitely see the change I've made. If someone was considering coming, I would tell them it's worth the time and they will learn things. Thank you for taking time to teach me."

Sabrina S., Waddell, AZ, Age: 11 
"When I came to Trinity's Life's Skills Program I thought it was going to be boring. I was unsure if I would be adopted or not. My attitude was bad. I disrespected my parents. My desires were to do good. TLRC helped me to be organized, respectful to my parent and organize my clothes, shoes, and my backpack. My goals went up a lot and my life became more successful. This program really helped me to get my grades up higher, respect my parents, and organize my stuff. I feel like I learned a lot in this class. Yes. I can see my way through life. Yes, I would tell youth and young adults."

Vanessa M., Buckeye, AZ, Age:11 
"Before I started coming here, I felt kind of upset with myself. TLRC has helped me a lot. My attitude was horrible. I would always get very angry for the littlest reasons. TLRC has helped me learn to be more responsible. TLRC has helped me to respect others more. I feel that TLRC has really improved my attitude. I feel more responsible. I can see God's path more clearly. I would absolutely recommend TLRC to someone else. I am so glad I have gone to this program. I feel very thankful for God to lead my path here."

David B., Surprise, AZ, Age: 13 
"Before I cam I felt o.k. about myself, but now I feel better. What TLRC did for me is they helped me to learn how to be more organized. Now I feel more confident with my life. Yes, I would recommend this program to others.

K. Lopez, Goodyear, AZ, Age: 9 
"I was feeling very excited to be in a place where I can learn things. They told me that I can be positive and that being good is making your life a better place. I learned that everyone can be a friend if they are nice. I feel happy that I don't fight with my brother and I don't get in trouble as much as I used to. I really want it to last forever. I would like to do it again but with more of my cousins. I would tell them that it is going to be a blast for you!"

Rebecca R., Litchfield Park, AZ, Age: 10 
"Before entering TLRC I was kind of grouchy and I was lazy. I would beg if I wanted something. Sometimes I would get so mad I wouldn't talk to anyone for the rest of the day. Ever since my mom signed me up for TLRC, I have been more responsible and now I'm happy most of the time. Now I realized that if I act better, I will have a better future. If I didn't enter the program I would still be the grouchy lazy girl I was back then. Now I feel grateful, courageous, and responsible. I'm already starting to tell my friends about it. It was awesome! My life is way better than before."

Sharde M., West Covina, CA, Age: 13 
"Going to Trinity's Learning Resource Center has helped me in many ways by helping me be prepared in life. First, what I think it has helped me greatly in is learning the proper way to clean my room. I think it has helped be me because now my room has become a place for working, doing my homework, and many other things. My room is be come a place for me to do many things besides sleeping. As Brother Carlton says, "When your room is clean it gives you a sense of peace." Second, I think what has also helped me was learning about personal hygiene. I think personal hygiene is important because it is important to be clean. Being clean means taking care of your body, taking showers multiple times a day, brushing your teeth, washing your face, and etc. In conclusion, this class has taught me many things that I can't just write on one page and am grateful for that."

 LaKayla E., San Bernardino, CA, Age: 12
"Dear Carlton Dasher, Thank you for being amazing. You taught us a lot, from how much does a 37 cent stamp cost (which became a class joke), to conducting preventive maintenance on cars. I personally learned how to be a better person. Now I talk more to my dad and I believe in myself and that I can achieve everything. I really hope the best for you and Mrs. Dasher. I hope the rest of this class and I will still be apart of your class next year. Also the thing I learned was how to set a table, how to write a check, and I learned a lot more...thank you."

Testimonies of Young Adults (14+)

Nicole S., Goodyear, AZ, Age: 15 
"I want to start off by saying, that in the beginning I did not want to attend this class, at all. When I heard I was to be attending I immediately thought “what a waste of my Fridays, when I would rather be with my friends.” Sometimes I was really skeptical on whether to keep attending or just drop out. Many people have come and gone which discouraged me even more on my view on leaving, but with my family that was not an option. As a child I was told over and over to never leave something half way done. My grandmother always told me to never give up no matter how hard or how long it takes. So I stuck it out and I fell in love with it! I yearned more and more to come because they not only talked about how to invest and budget wisely, but more about what the world is and has in store for us. I guess you can say they brought reality to us. In Jeremiah 29:11-13 it says “For I know the plans I have for you. They are plans for good and not for disaster, to give you a future and a hope.” With Mr. and Mrs. Dasher I truly felt that they have fulfilled this scripture for me and the rest of the youth that attended this year. I learned so much from spending money to checking tire pressure. I am truly blessed to have such wonderful people in my life to teach me along with my family about all the smarts on how to succeed in life. Because they truly are “Providing Direction for the Next Generation, Affecting Generations to come, and equipping them for Success.” So thank you Mr. and Mrs. Dasher for being there for me and my family and directing me in the way that is the best. Thank you once again and God bless you and your family today and many days to come!" 

C. French, Goodyear, AZ, Age: 14
"When we started this class, I thought it was going to be okay, but it turned out that it was exciting. What we learned was that how to control our behavior, CPR, which was really cool to save someone's life. We learned about gang awareness and the truth about Hip-hop. We learned about health and nutrition, which food is not really good for you and food that is good for you. We learned about personal appearance, how to eat at the dinner table and manners at the dinner table. We learned about obedience and disobedience, how to separate laundry and how to stay organized...This class was very exciting to me...thank you for teaching us these important life skills. I really enjoyed this class."

Jerry F., Goodyear, AZ, Age: 14 
"The things I have learned are amazing! Taking CPR was pretty cool. I'm glad you taught me that...I didn't know you can save someone's life just by mouth to mouth. What I thought was that CPR was used to keep a person alive until help came. Learning the basics of how to deal with money was great. I think you are the only teacher who has actually told what money is all about...In our school, we are learning about personal finance, and how to make your identity, how to read checks, how to read your bank account number on the bottom of the right of your check. I am definitely glad you taught us about mailing. Thank you very much!"

Wyatt F., Goodyear, AZ, Age: 14
“I learned in this class about responsibility, saving a person, and how to take care of myself. We learned about personal hygiene, and to brush our teeth for 5 minutes and haven't got a cavity since. I learned how to organize my room and clothes. I learned about money and how to pay off a house in 5 years and how to pay off a car in 1 year. Thanks a lot for teaching us this wonderful stuff, and thank you for being there for us."

K. Hoffman, Goodyear, AZ, Age: 15
"As I have participated in TLRC classes I have gained new knowledge as well as expanded and refreshed past learned information. I feel so incredibly blessed to be learning what so many people will never have the change, none the less they take the time to learn. I have to do laundry without the clothes coming out 7 different colors, to formally set a very nice dining table, ways to improve personal hygiene like body odor, bad breath, dandruff, and overall cleanliness. Management personal finances + staying out of debt. I've learned even more than what I used to, to respect authority and the importance of paying attention. Also to my great pleasure have picked up some useful sayings that I use now and then such as "Organization simply means everything has a place, in 21 days the trends of thought become the chains of habit, procrastination is a convenient excuse instead of a legitimate reason for delay, improvise, adapt, and overcome. Those are some of my favorite among many. Other things such as each lighter foods first (fruits and vegetables) before eating meats to help your digestion, how to perform CPR, how to send certified, express priority, and regular mail, the difference between a credit card and debit card, and the rule of 72, as well as gang awareness and the origination of hip-hop music..."

Basia M., West Covina, CA, Age: 15
"Trinity's Resource Learning Center has made a significant impact in my life. When I first heard that I was going to be taking a class on Thursday nights teaching me how to make my life easier by learning some of the essential fundamentals of life, I wasn't exactly thrilled. I told my mom it wasn't anything I would learn in life anyway. My mom kept trying to tell me it would make my life easier if I learned it right now. That first night I walked in there, I was even angrier. I was the only person my age. I was in the class with a much of little kids. I always left with an attitude and I always came in with one. Little by little I forced myself to open my heart and mind to be able to receive what being instilled into my life. Since I've started the class, I've been able to manage my time better, have a better attitude about things, and I have been able to apply some of the skills I learned in this class. Trinity's Learning Resource Center will always be the reason why I have a better understanding of the life ahead of me.

Cheyenne R., Fontana, CA, Age: 14
“I have learned a lot of things from attending my seventh week of class. I’ve been having a lot of fun too. One of the best things I’ve learned so far is how to keep myself organized. I needed a lot of work on that subject. My backpack has been clean and it is a lot easier to find my assignments. I’m still working on keeping my drawers clean and folding my clothes the right way. I think I’m getting use to it. So far, I found that toothpaste has a chemical that can help clean your shoes. I found out that it works very well. The other thing you can use instead of toothpaste is shaving cream…another thing I learned is that I should never throw papers away the teacher passes back to me. If it was an assignment I did not do well on, I can study the problems I got wrong so I can get the answers right on the test. One of the most important things I learned was about teamwork. Each person on a team should have equal importance in the group. If you have a lot of team work, people can achieve many successful things. When there is teamwork, you get things done faster…It’s good to be polite and say thank you when people do something to help you or something nice for you. You should always use your manners and say please, if you want something. Ladies always go first in everything. You should treat people the way you want to be treated…I also learned my social security number. I found out that I need the number to apply for a job and to go on my college application. The next thing I learned was that practice improves performance and after twenty-one days, the trends of though becomes the chain of habit.”
End of Session Testimony

"From participating in the program at Trinity's Learning Resource Center, I have learned to improve my performance in the classroom. I have learned to make my learning experience easier by asking my teachers questions and approaching them after school if I don't understand the material in their class. By doing this, I let my teachers know that I am interested in learning and I make them aware that I am making an effort in their class. I also learned how to keep my things organized. Even though it was a hard thing to do, I found that every time my things were in order, my assignments were easier to find. When everything is in order, I found things being less stressful and I didn't have to search through a pile of papers for a specific assignment. One other thing I learned was how money works. The Rule of 72 helps you to determine how fast your money will double with the amount of interest you earn. With being in the program I learned ways to keep me out of debt and simple ways to spend money on things that are important. Basically, I learned to plan ahead which makes me think more about the future. I was also taught that it is important to stay healthy. I should drink eight cups of water daily and take vitamins. When your body has enough nutrients, you will have enough energy to perform.”

LaShante E., San Bernardino, CA, Age: 15
"Before I entered Trinity's Learning Resource Center, I thought I was well prepared for the future that was ahead of me. Although, I went into the class with an open mind, I thought, “What could they possibly teach me that I don't already know?" That all changed when the first class with Mr. Dasher ended. I learned that he would be teaching us things that could not only benefit us financially, but in life threatening situations. We learned things from balancing a checkbook, to how to change a flat tire, to filling out job applications. These are things that adults don't even know how to do, but because of Mr. Dasher and his wife, kids in my generation will be different. We will be educated on things that will not only benefit ourselves, but society, and I am very grateful for the time and effort he has put into this class at Trinity's Learning Resource Center and know that God will continue to bless him in his attempt to better the lives of the future."


"Week after week our children have absorbed all the positive that is taught by TLRC. They understand what it takes to be respectful citizens. They learned everyday life skills which is important for them to grow into young adults. They enjoyed attending the classes and being apart of the program. We enjoyed the spiritual and positive teachings. This program is for all parents and children. Students learn a great amount of life skills." R & E Manuel, Tolleson, AZ

Since enrolling your children in the program, what areas do you recognize that your child/youth has grown in? "They have been more obedient at home. Their attitudes with me and each other have improved. TLRC has taught them to be responsible for their actions and themselves. It has given them a sense of accomplishment. They persevered throughout the year and stuck with the program. I would recommend this program. It is a gift worth giving your child. The benefits outweighed any sacrifice for the class." J. Burger, Surprise, AZ

"I believe that the TLRC program is extremely beneficial to youth and parents. Since my child has entered the program, she has learned many life skills, which are not covered in regular education. She has come home explaining that savings accounts are not the best way to go; if we wanted to save money. Instead, she said, "We need to place our funds in the mutual funds because of the interest rate is larger." Also, since participating in this program she has volunteered during holidays to set the table. I must admit that the dinner table looks awesome. Another lesson that I believe that is fascinating is having the students learn their personal information, such as their address, phone, and social security number and why it is important to know. I believe this is important because sometimes, we as parents forget to directly teach this necessary information. I also believe that when I attended the parent meetings, I walked away learning new things such as making time for family. I spend a lot of time being busy, busy, busy. Before attending the parent meetings, I did not realize that my life and my child's life was on a schedule Monday - Saturday, because my child was in many extra curricular activities and it appears that I was too. Well, since attending the parent meetings I have decided to eliminate some of those extra activities so that we, my child and I, can spend quality time together, enjoying life. So again, this is a great program that is beneficial to youth and parents because we both are leaning important life skills." C. Richards, Fontana, CA

"The Trinity Learning Resource Center has been the key to unlocking the door to freedom, wisdom, deliverance and prosperity for my girls. I knew in my spirit that this program was the tool to begin the work that the Lord wanted to in their lives to take them to the next level. Since they have begun the program I have seen them grow in a variety of areas; all of which has been a strength to their areas of weakness. God bless, strengthen and bring bountiful increase to the Learning Center, and stretch it beyond its borders." D. Mosley, West Covina, CA

"The Guarantee Your Child's Success" Workshops is truly God's Wisdom and He has truly used Kerry Dasher to really minister to the parents of the children who participate in the Learning Center Program. As a parent I needed to be ready to minister and guide my children properly with the information and knowledge they would receive through the Learning Center. The Workshops have also been a blessing to my personal life, and given me great insight and direction to the very practical areas of my life. God bless Carl and Kerry Dasher for their tireless efforts in performing the work that God has laid to their charge. D. Mosley, West Covina, CA

Dear Brother Carl and Sister Kerrie, 
Praise God! I want to thank-you for the meetings and for imparting into my family's life.
This is exactly what I need and I know that my family is going to be so blessed from this class. The community is going to know the Lord and grow in wisdom and knowledge. God bless you both and your family. Love, Joann S. Pomona, CA

Jessica F., Goodyear, AZ, Age: 14
and Mary F., Mother of four (4) 14 year olds/Quads - 1st Session in partnership with Skyway Church of the West Valley, Goodyear, AZ

Strategies for Living Financially Free..

When my wife Laura said to me last year and probably the year before and the year before that, she REALLY wanted to take this class and I emphasize REALLY WANTED TO. I said OK, I’m with you. I think she was surprised I answered so quickly WELL I’ll tell you why I did, after years of UP and DOWN
financial STRESS. I was ready, because I knew that God had the answer. But you don’t have to be JUST ready, you have to be willing, either way if you take this course and attend every meeting, do your
assignments and truly apply them, these Biblical economic principals work, you’ll will be living a financially free life. We know that because as of July 2020 Laura and I are living proof that it WORKS. God is good ALL THE TIME. It feels really good to go to sleep at night and wake up each morning DEBT FREE just ask my wife and look at the biggest smile on her face that you will ever see. The stress that debt has on a person or couple is enormous. It’s probably the biggest or one of the biggest issues in a marriage. When your mind is free of the stress that debt brings it is life changing, We highly recommend that every person take this class. God principals work all the time, Man’s principals work only some of the time. Trust in God.
Contact Carlton and Kerry Dasher we love em, they’re the BEST

D & L Wick, Goodyear, AZ

Video Testimony...

From Chaplain Bob  May, Goodyear, AZ

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B. Teague, Avondale, AZ

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