Incorporated in 2000 / A 5013(c) Tax Exemption  Since 2005
"Giving HOPE, Restoring Hearts, Encouraging Minds, and Giving Life"
A Non-Profit Life Skills, Leadership Development, Community Building and Family Resource Center Project...

Harvest Time Group, Creative Communications & Publications, Ascend Housing Resources, and various community resource organizations, with HOPE and VISION for the West Valley Community, are working to meet the needs of our community members by providing the community a platform to discover their true identity, purpose, potential, and destiny through a new and innovative community center coming soon.

To provide assistance and valued resources to community members in need and help them recognize and address their life challenges in a more successful life-changing manner. By providing community members the platform to identify their personal purpose, gifts, potential and destiny, through Youth & Family Life Skills Mentoring and Enrichment, Leadership Discovery/Training, Employment Readiness, Entrepreneurial Training & Assistance, Employment Readiness, Housing Resources, Community Building, and Community Outreach, rather than just a “hand out”.  

Our objective is to network with all groups of like-minded and visionary people to share in the responsibility of making our communities successful. To utilize all of the resources and technology available to help our disadvantaged citizens improve their lives and their families, which also provides healing and restoration through discovery of their personal purpose, significance, value, and potential which empowers them to exercise their gifts/talents in a sustainable manner. This will cause them to experience transformation and guarantee their success, as positive contributors in our communities.

We are working together to provide direction and vision for our next generation whereby discovering their true leadership spirit and potential, and providing healing, hope, and restoration for this generation and beyond; HOPE for their future and equipping them to prosper, and HEALING and RESTORATION for past generations.

• Enhance community well-being
• Restore families
• Develop successful youth in all areas of life (academically, in all relationships, and fulfillment of purpose and potential)
• Develop successful parents through parenting principles/skills
• Build successful happy family relationships, each supported to achieve personal success and become contributors in their community, which 
• Develop successful thriving inspirational leaders in and for all systems of culture within the families, education, business, arts & entertainment, government, media, and faith/religion  
• Reduce/eradicate dishonor/disrespect
• Reduce/eradicate abuse, hopelessness/waywardness, juvenile delinquency, homelessness, drug use and drug and alcohol abuse, abortion, child/youth pregnancies, single-parent homes, divorce/separation, isolation, suicide/murder/death; community deterioration
• Reduce/eradicate fatherlessness, sickness, and disease
• Reduce/eradicate theft, injury, and violence
• Ensure employment and deployment success
• Multiply successes in others to achieve the same through continuing education and mentorship.

"When one does not know and understand the purpose of a thing or person, abuse is inevitable." Unknown

We are committed to empowering community members with knowledge and understanding, the needed basic life skills, life planning and preparation, financial/life management and leadership development skills, and creative enrichment opportunities every person needs to grow and become all they were created to be.  
A Beacon of Hope (Vision Board).

If these Values, this Vision and Mission resonate within your heart, contact us and let us know of your interest in participating in the programs or by partnership.

Your partnership by way of Business/Corporate Sponsorships, In-Kind or other Donations are greatly appreciated and helps our community see a better way, provides HOPE and gives you/your business/organization a tax-deduction, and helps us fulfill our mission.

Thank you for considering and choosing to partner with us!

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"Giving HOPE, Restoring Hearts, Encouraging Minds, and Giving Life"

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