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The King's Roundtable Development Group
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Discipleship / Kingdom Advancing / Community Building

The King's Roundtable was launched in 2015 after a year of prayer and intercession, resulting from a divine dissatisfaction of a problem that my husband was experiencing, which became my "destiny baby" and a solution to not only the concern of many small business owners in the Valley relating to the philosophy and practice of small business success and networking, but also to the many who have become disillusioned by Church fellowship. There's a spiritual warfare that is not isolated to just church goers, small business owners, marriage/married couples and families, or youth, it's a warfare that everyone at some level is involved with, whether they realize it yet or not. They are not equipped for it, accept what is going on as "normal" and get sucked into a life and lifestyle that is not God's best for them, and they live day to day maintaining that life and He has better.

The King's Roundtable was formed to make a difference in the lives of so many self-employed business owners that were been affected by the housing market crash, housewives, and others who will have an ear to hear of a better way of overcoming the difficulties of life and to encourage others.

Like many other forms of social interaction, small business owners depend on "word of mouth" advertising of satisfied customers. And the word of mouth advertising of satisfied customer is what we have personally enjoyed over the last 23 years of serving our communities and those around the nation who have been referred to and have come to us for help.

In moving to AZ, and hearing more about networking groups, which we formerly were never apart of, the first ambassador of AZ informed my husband that he "must" get involved and become apart of a networking group and "not to expect" anyone to give him any business for the first 2 years; as those in the groups do not conduct business with those "they do not know and trust," and it takes about "two years" for that to be accomplished.

At hearing that, it did not bear witness with my spirit; God's Spirit in me. I knew what God's Word promised concerning "those who believe and trust in Him;" He "supplies to the full "all our needs" "according to His riches in glory" as our Good Shepherd (Psalm 23, Philippians 4:120). Yet, my husband did decide to become apart of the network scene, as he stated to get to know others and to share with them what we have to offer their clients. 

In joining and vitally participating in the first group, and after three years of giving over a hundred referrals, he received one (1) that really wasn't a "true" referral.

I realized today at this writing that a "demonic prophecy" was released against us and was able to manifested because, as revealed, we did not counteract those words with God's Word and promise. We may not have believed those words, yet we did not speak the Truth in the face of the demonic spirit releasing those words. Anytime that we do not exercise the Name (power and authority) God has given to us in Christ Jesus, as believers, kings and priests in the Kingdom of God, whether it's because we lack knowledge of this authority, or we've been influenced to disbelieve and do not speak or do what the Lord has shown us so and therefore unable to live and walk in manifested victory. He already finished the work of our victory and now with Him, His Holy Spirit, we can enforce that victory, command the undoing of the works of the devil, and cast out the devils, and make them Jesus' footstool, powerless against us, as revealed in Psalm 110:1, 3.

My husband began to see the spirit and the fruit of the serpent/viper at these meetings and made the decision to leave the groups he had frequented; yet because of the kind of person and of character he is; fulfilling his agreements/commitments, even to his own hurt. He doesn't leave until he has fulfilled his part/assignment, or when it is clear that the fruit of a matter is darkness. 

I had suggested to him that he start another group for those who want to help others and flourish in business. I prayed about it and for him for months, as I heard his frustration concerning the groups, and what was not rightly manifesting for us. His seed of frustration was sown in me, and I had to attack it, cover it with intercession, so that God's will could be revealed and carried out. 

It was during this time that I was led to read from a Bible I had gifted my husband for Christmas a couple years prior to from Benny Hinn's Ministry broadcast offering, which was Morris Cerullo's "Financial Breakthrough Spiritual Warfare Bible." And reading the prophetic words of what was to come concerning an economic crisis, a shaking of the nations, and the need to prepare...a revelation and download came to me on December 14, 2014, which appeared to be the answer to my husband's concern, and God's plan for humanity... a gathering or coming together of small business owners, to call upon the name of the Lord (Psalm 18:3), not looking to our own natural resources, not looking to man, but to God alone, and to remember His promises (Psalm 118;8, Psalm 125:1, Proverbs 3:4, Psalm 11;1,18:2, 30, 37:3, 5, 40:4, 64:10), and to ask God to be our Public Relations Officer (Matthew 7:11, Luke 11:9), where each week a different person would bring a word of encouragement and edification in seeking first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness (Matthew 6:33-34), that His promises may be fulfilled, in adding everything else each participant's family and business needed. And that He would grow us in faithfulness and obedience (Malachi 3:16-17, Mark 4:20, Luke 8:21, Luke 11:28); whereby learning the principles of the Kingdom, which He gives out of His mouth (Proverbs 2:6), for He "gives seed to the sower" (2 Corinthians 9:10). And we must seek Him for that seed and receive it, and sow it with an expectation of harvest (spiritual and natural). We must "ask" Him for the seed; the ability to see and recognize the seed, to hear what He is saying, and to whom to give it to; whatever He is saying or instructing to give in a material, monetary and help, sense. 

Faith: hearing and obeying is the key to living in THE BLESSING of God that makes rich and He adds no sorrow (toil) with it (Proverbs 10:22).  Prosperity is a Covenant promise in the Kingdom of God and of all He's already provided for His Kingdom citizens; and that is anyone who will believe on Christ the LORD, and receive. Far too many have been deceived and are striving "to get" what they need for themselves and their families, and the lack of knowing God; having the knowledge of God, has been the cause for them as victims of the serpent (beguiler/deceiver). Using the idea that government and believers of God can co-exist. The lack of a right relationship with God, the Wisdom of God, is preventing individuals from hearing and having the power (Wisdom, knowledge, understanding) to understand and appropriate it, thus not knowing what to do and how to overcome the unseen foes which seek continually ways to steal, kill, and destroy, using fear and ignorance as his main weapon to keep them from the inheritance Christ provided.

God's purpose is that we "receive" from Him as from a Good Shepherd, a Benevolent King, and Loving and Faithful Father. That we learn to TRUST in His Words, and develop a strong covenant relationship with Him, through His Son, Jesus (Christ), the Messenger of His Covenant Promises, by His Grace through the hearing of  His faith). And as a community of believers and in practical agreement with His Lordship/Kingship, we would be one family caring for one another, operating in and out of the Love of God, His Glory (presence, power, and goodness) one towards another, praying for and meeting the needs of one another, as led by His Spirit, where the hands help the other parts of the body and each part has it's role and function, we, as His body in the earth, and Jesus, the Head, we the members of His body; His hands and feet, mouth and arms, ears and heart), united to serve one another, where there is no lack among us. 

We've witnessed it in history (Acts 2:44, 4:32). This was definitely a work of the Holy Spirit.

The Lord made clear to His people, Israel, that it was the lack of knowing God's law (His Will and intention of Love towards humanity) that caused His people to be refuse what He offered them. Many were destroyed due to a lack of accepting the knowledge He had for them, and we see the same work at work today, but there is HOPE for OUR future and communities!

The prophet Hosea declared what God revealed to Him, and it has come to pass for far too many:

Hosea 4:6-7 New King James Version (NKJV)

"My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge.
Because you have rejected knowledge,
I also will reject you from being priest for Me;
Because you have forgotten the law of your God,
I also will forget your children.
The more they increased,
The more they sinned against Me;
I will change their glory into shame.

And even though God declared these Words, His character and nature has never changed from being the Loving, Benevolent Creator that He is. He gave each one the choice to choose. He declared:

"But the word is very near you, in your heart and in your mouth, that you may do it.
See, I have set before you today, life and good, death and evil...." Issued the Kingdom command and gave them the choice (Deuteronomy 30:14-16).

Because man could not keep the Kingdom commands, it only proved that they needed God, and He did not create them to be independent of Him. It was the works of the devil that persuaded man to rebel, believe they could live without God's counsel, and many have sought to live that way.  God has provided His righteousness, a relationship with Him that guarantees our success...fulfillment of our original created purpose by pouring out His love into the hearts of believers (Roman 5:5) and His Spirit upon all flesh. He speaks to us through dreams and visions, and others who are sensitive to His voice. He is drawing mankind back to Himself to manifest THE BLESSING to all the families of the earth as promised to Abraham (Genesis 12:3, 28:14). THE BLESSING is obtained by faith, all that God has provided is obtained through the currency of "faith," and faith only comes one way - by hearing and continual hearing of God's Word, and which becomes our words.  He wants to lead and guides all our affairs in the manifestation of THE BLESSING; which is His thoughts and plans for us. For those who are led by the Spirit of God are the beloved sons of God (Romans 8:14). And anyone can enter the Kingdom family by faith.

We've seen it document in history and have experienced it ourselves. God IS LOVE, His nature is loving, forgiving (merciful), patient, long-suffering, and He so loved the world (His creation of mankind) that He gave His only begotten Son (His seed), so that mankind could live and prosper for eternity (John 3:16). Knowing the end at the beginning, seeing how everything He planned played out, Scriptures also reveal that even the devil has a purpose. The destroyer has a purpose. And to understand that purpose, and our own personal purpose, we must come to God Who declared and created all things, and promised He would liberally share His Wisdom, understanding, and the revelation of His thoughts and plans for us (Jeremiah 29:11-14).  

As God, Creator, revealing Himself as, "the God of Truth," "the Spirit of Truth," He cannot lie. And He extends a personal invitation that each one has the opportunity to accept. The invitation to and the way of Salvation (all help, provision, deliverance, protection, restoration) as was revealed through the prophets (those whom God spoke to and used to speak His Words through since the beginning) and the apostles ("sent ones," preachers, teachers sent to people and places), to declare all the Good News of His Love and Salvation; His message. 

He communicated how HE (Himself) would come and by His OWN right hand He would save, heal, deliver and set man free...through "a virgin" who would give birth to the Son of God, and Who would also be called the Son of man. He would be found in a manger, wrapped in swaddling clothes (Luke 2). The Wise men of the east were familiar with His prophecy, studied and was made aware of His star and was guided to him, bringing the gifts and provision of "His Father" to His mother, so that He had all He needed to be raised in a natural environment. God always provides for that which is HIS and that which He Fathers (begins/starts/initiates).

Jesus Christ is God incarnate (embodied in flesh; human form), and is "the same, yesterday, today and forever," and He has provided for us, His children (Hebrews 13:8), and the Father through Him has extended this invitation to be beloved sons (daughters) with new and eternal life.

The timing of God's unfolding plan for our lives is upon us, and that Salvation has appeared to mankind over 2,000 years ago. There are still many who are without Christ, the Seed, The Root, and fruit of God's Holy Spirit, who have never received His Word and Spirit although He accomplished this work of salvation for all mankind.

I begin to really pray and ask the Lord what to do concerning this concerning this frustration of my husband. What to do and how to do it. 

I did not expect God to answer in the way that He did. He gave me a divine download, a plan and I shared it with my husband as the answer to his concern. I shared it and it was like it went in one ear and out the other. I kept praying and checking in periodically with him about it, as I had asked and was expecting the Lord to speak to him about it. So after months of nothing from my husband as to any agreement of him starting a new group. I asked the Lord why he wasn't seeing it and willing to do it?

The scene being "small business" as the majority in numbers and ever growing, yet who are the minority, and function to meet the needs of the individual business owner,their families and those who work for them, and often a networking group looks like a viper ready to bite. The feeling in the air: one of "give to me, but don't expect me to give you anything." That spirit of greed and competition is sickening. It is not the Way of the Kingdom. And after completing a class "Expanding the Kingdom on the Business Mountain," I was in search for Wisdom, revelation, knowledge and understanding on doing business the King's Way.

The pressure of darkness operating in the world's economy and the mortgage industry put many small businesses out of business, and for many manifested a belief and practice that really turned many off concerning these networking groups.  

The fruit was greed and selfishness and by the Wisdom and knowledge of God's Word, we know and understand that is the work of darkness; manifesting as the works of the flesh (through mankind). And that to overcome, we must come to BELIEVE what He said about us, personally, as beloved sons of God and on what Jesus did for us, and follow Him.  

When we do, we come to a place of what I call a “divine dissatisfaction.”  

I’m not sure what your dissatisfaction has been. But mine had to do with what my husband shared with me concerning his experience of networking, and the area of sharing our business with others, and to me it sounded like we were boasting about ourselves, our business, and it rubbed me the wrong way, the more and more I pressed into the Glory of God…For about the last 2-3 years. Before coming to the place I understand today, I went through Skyway’s Business Mountain Class because my heart was to do things according to the way of the Kingdom and I wanted to see what would be taught that was different from what we have been trained in all these years. I also had a nagging issue about marketing. I was hoping the marketing section would answer the nagging in my heart, but it didn’t. I was apart of the first run of classes and don’t get me wrong. It was good. But, I still had this very important and nagging issue I needed answers. I wanted to ask the question, but found they were not the one’s I was to ask to get my answers, seeing what was covered, did not answer it. So I pressed in and begin seeking the Lord about it and He revealed the following to me.

“Let another man praise thee, and not thine own mouth; a stranger, and not thine own lips.” (Proverbs 27:2)

This so spoke to my heart with an emphatic “Yes, Lord!” This was how WE’VE conducted business in the past while in California…All our business was by word of mouth. All this social media, and other forms of advertisement, including networking, where people approach you, rattle off their elevator speech, grab your card and care little to nothing about what you do but are satisfied that they’ve shared with you about themselves, and now want you to buy or use their product or service. That was not good!  

My husband was apart of a networking group for over 3 years, and anyone here would agree that his business referrals would be the highest in the group based upon our services. Yet, he receive one (1) referral in that three year period and it wasn’t even a warm lead, yet my husband was the one who gave the most leads…and because of his “Team” mentality, he continued pressing on, yet he recognized the others did not have that same mindset. He eventually left the group, because he recognized there was no willingness to change. They were unwilling to align and connect. We know that God allows those things, so that He can produce the greater work He wants to accomplish in and through us, right!?

Well, again, my husband became apart of another group after a gentlemen by the name of George Henderson shared with him that after a couple years, people will begin to trust him. We didn’t understand that in Arizona (her inhabitants) had been wounded, robbed, and offended in many ways that they just don’t trust anyone. We found a high percentage of people that offend very easily. We discerned the spirits of offense and distrust. It was confirmed through a prophetic prayer devotional I read which concentrated on the prophecies declared concerning Arizona and in sharing this with my husband, we prayed into that.

My husband is apart of another group, which I had joined for a short period of time, and eventually left. It was through my husband’s shared experiences/complaints of how the networking scene was and of what and how He was going to build business connections, etc. 

As I prayed and tried to understand and navigate how I was to do what I sensed the Lord was showing me concerning my new business, I became more and more unsettled with the marketing of my own business and way of doing business as “the world” does it. Feeling uncomfortable with promoting my own business, I began to cry to the Lord about it. ​

I asked about both the issue of the networking groups and about His people being prepared for what is still was yet to come according to prophecy? 

While praying and seeking the Lord, He began to give me a download about a networking group…a Kingdom-minded/Kingdom purpose networking group, and immediately I thought, “WOW, this is for Carl!” So I excitedly shared it with him to be meet with one who was not on the same wavelength of revelation. It wasn’t speaking to him. So I simply asked him to pray about it and let me know what the Lord says to him. Well, to this day, he has not shared anything concerning this with me. And the Lord revealed to me, “ I didn’t give it to Carl, I gave it to you.” Wow! I was not expecting that. 

Me!? Then all the thoughts began to flood my mind…which I won’t go into. To say the least, I had to seek and press into Him for what He wanted to do.

I didn’t see (perceive) and think I really knew anyone whom I could start this with development group with, and I soon realized that the only one was Tina Conde, whom I had been sharing about it with, and waiting on Carl to “get the revelation” of it and start it. Tina declared she was all in when Carl was ready to start.

Through that word of direction, He instructed me to go see Kitty H. (a Business Mountain class participant) and share it with her and ask her to pray with me. So I did. Later, He told me to listen to what she shared. I heard her heart was intercession, not as a participant of the group. He then declared to me, “She’s your chief intercessor!”

Wow! Okay. So I went back to follow-up with Kitty about what the Lord was speaking to her and she confirmed what He had mentioned to me; she would be in prayer for it.
She and I met once a week starting in 2014. 

We prayed and interceded and asked the Lord for the details. Then He guided Alicia E. to call me one day and ask if we were looking for a place to host meetings; an answer and confirmation that God was doing this thing; manifesting His finished work.

In May 2015, we welcomed our first group to the King’s Roundtable Fellowship at the Verrado Club House, Litchfield/Buckeye, AZ. Being through so much and aware that the adversary was seeking whom he could devourer, I release those who came to invite others at the leading of the Holy Spirit, because, I knew that the adversary would like to devour this. 

Well, we had to experience our tests and come through to victory, just like The Lord declared, and when the adversary does come; it’s only a sign/indication that increase is on the horizon. Rosalind R., of the members, opened her home to the group and from there; we’ve had fellowships in five (5) different homes. I have to tell you, the groups were not small business owners at all, and that baffled me. It was my “expectation” that God was putting together a business-networking group. It was to be a “business model,” yet I realized that is “the Kingdom model” for all our gatherings of whatever it is we are doing.

May I present to you today, the King’s Roundtable (KRT)! The KRT is a what He has shown me to be a development group…it’s where those who come can learn and grow, and where we come to fully trust the Lord completely for what He wants to do in our lives. It’s a place were we pray for one another, encourage one another, and learn and grow through what the King serves ups each week.

He has given me some very specific things to share and impart so that each one comes to that place in Him of knowing His heart and love for them. It is vital to walking with God, and gives us the ability to trust and believe what He has been saying about us all along, which many have not really believed.

It’s a safe place where we:
1.Come together to worship Him – We come together and apply the principles of His Word and Kingdom, which also translates to putting action behind our faith. Faith requires action (works that support what we believe we have received when we asked), just as works require faith (having heard God’s will, plan, purpose, desire, promise, we believe it and therefore we agree with Him) and take the steps He reveals (the plan and way that He enlightens our minds with) for its accomplishment.
2.We will call upon the name of the Lord – crying out to Him for the fulfillment of His purposes for our lives, families, businesses and ministries, resources; not looking to/depending upon our own strength or natural resources, not man (the world’s system, the arm of flesh), but God alone.
3.It includes a message of His Word that gives hope and revelation of our future. We remember and remind ourselves of God’s promises and faithful provision; asking for the Lord to be our Public Relations Officer (Who speaks to others and causes others to speak on our behalf; to market what we have that God wants others to know about, and what we are to serve them by way of our gifts and talents).
4.It also includes praying for one another, and ministering to one another’s practical needs; as it is written we are called to do as kings and priests, serving kings and priests before our God.

The Kingdom of God has planned, purposed and provided for all its citizens.

The world system sits idle (and cannot help) God’s sons, as the Lord has revealed through history. We are not to lean upon the “arm of flesh” for our help, but to trust in the Living God Who is our Source of all things (2 Chronicles 32:8) …Wisdom, righteousness, restoration, healing and wholeness, identity, purpose, and destiny, fulfillment and satisfaction, peace, joy and happiness; a life worth living…abundant life by His Spirit.

Isaiah penned the words of God in Isaiah 30 and it is a prophetic picture of the world today and provides the blueprint of restoration for all who will choose to hear and receive it. The KRT (download) along with the Beacon of Hope Community Center / Community Collaboration (download) are based on these blueprints and are the King’s vision for mankind as we walk out the will and vision of God and grow as one, by His Glory, and to be shared with those whom He will lead and guide us to; whereby it will be a clarion call to them, speaking to their hearts, and drawing them in fellowship to see His Glory! 

From 2014 until now 2018, so much has happened and so much glorious fruit has come forth from hearing and obeying the Words of the Lord. I “went” and “obeyed,” giving thanks and praise for the promise of the vision manifested, even when I didn’t “feel” like I could; was capable, qualified, or competent, as that was the work of darkness pressing and working against my mind and emotions, in an effort to stop and prevent me from obeying and going forward; to stop the vision of the King. But GOD!!!  He so glorious blessed each and every one that came. He specifically designed each encounter...preparing a table before us of what we needed. Many needed needed inner healing, restoration, and encouragement, a safe place to share and receive prayers of agreement for relational challenges, etc.

The question was, what could one do? 
1) Come out of agreement with the lie, that one must be in a particular "group" to survive. 2) Create and welcome those of like-minded individuals who are in support for one another (the community) and not self alone. 3) As a Kingdom Model, for Kingdom living, Kingdom citizens and those who desire to be, as we seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness (no religion, not selfish desires, but Love coupled with the righteousness, peace, and joy of the Holy Spirit, which is God's created purposes for each one of us. And the promise to those who will believe this Truth, "all other things shall be added" (Matthew 6:33). So as we believe and gather to "do" life and business accordingly to these Kingdom principles, everyone who believe and gathers, will enjoy the KRT which He has prepared in the presence/midst of all our enemies. The enemy is that which represents and is the spirit of denying that Christ Jesus came and has made complete provision for each one of us, and that there is more than enough for each of us and our families. The thief and the liar, wants to convince society that we must "take" from one another what the other has in order to have what we need, when the Truth is, all things have already been provided for, and we must only believe and come to the table and receive.

This fellowship model includes each participant coming into the presence of our King; Jesus Christ, the Son of God, the Son of Man. Recognizing and acknowledging He is alive among us all by His Spirit, the Holy Spirit, and Whose purpose is to fill each one and make each one a NEW creation, which is God "in" us, whereby there is nothing ever to fear, and we live our created purpose as He thought and designed for each one of us. Yet the key is, revelation of Truth received and our minds changed to believe the Truth, rather than the lie we have been raised and conditioned by in all aspects of society. The essential structure (foundation) of society and culture must be changed/transformed (renovated, jack-hammered) and reestablished by God, His Spirit, and His Word in order for us to see what we all really would like to experience and enjoy "as life," because a system and order of death rules one who does not believe and receive Him Who alone can give true Life, Eternal Life, and even life without death.

For not all shall see death before Christ's return (1 Thessalonians. 4:17)!

The King's Roundtable has been offered through A Beacon of Hope Community Center as a BLESSING through home fellowships since 2015.

If this sounds like something you'd like to be apart of please contact us by clicking the button below, and mention "I am interested in the King's Roundtable Fellowship."

Abundant Kingdom BLESSINGS,

Chaplain Kerry Dasher